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Rycote Shock Mount

Here is some information about the Rycote InVision Microphone Shock Mount: This is the Hot Shoe version- INV-Video 042901.  What I haven’t found mention is that in addition to having the hot shoe mount, it also features 1/4″ female threading and 3/8″ male stud.  I’m using it with an Oktava MK-012-01 mic and it works…



Two hours into it…  


The following info is from the Cineform blog; it details what you need to change to move your color database to a custom location- for easier sharing, backup, organization etc.   Moving First Light color databases between PC and Mac Currently (Jan 2010) only the PC version of First Light has support for exporting and…


“The mesh tools are found in various places”

All the pretties

RAW camels

So, lets say you have some RAW images of the .RW2 persuasion which aren’t supported by Phase One’s Capture One … This method is based on Windows XP and won’t work for all RAW files- you need to do research on the make of your camera, and if there’s a comparable one supported by C1.  …

Premiere CS4

I’m really starting to dislike the changes made in Premiere.  The interface is cluttered, simple cut and past of clips is a great effort to accomplish effectively and three seems to be an emphasis on bringing complex operations to the forefront, while sacrificing  basic operations you do routinely.  For example, the program places an emphasis…

It’s all 5D to me

So, there’s RGB and YUV (YCbCr) color spaces- televisions and the like use YUV color-space, while RGB is what you see on computer’s monitors.  There’s a long and in depth explanation as to why, but what’s important in this post is that an RGB image (8-bit, the standard) has a range of 0-255, which means… | 502: Bad gateway

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